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Sell your Real Estate quick and hassle free.

Fast help should you have additional claims.

We do two things:

a) We buy real estate, quick and hassle free. 

b) We assist in recovering your unclaimed funds.


The Problem:

Every year billions of dollars of real estate and claims stay unsold and not used or unclaimed by US citizens in the United States from entities including Private Individuals, Banks, Governments, States, Insurance Companies, and more. Often times the entities holding the real estate  want to sell quick. Similar we see with unclaimed funds. Entities who have unclaimed funds are often not very eager to locate the individuals, because they earn interest or are entitled to keep it after a certain amount of time. We can help in both scenarios.

The Solution:

The National Appropriations Association is working with citizens like you all over the United States to change that. We proudly serve individuals and families, as well as small businesses. To help our valued clients manage the complexities of their unclaimed fund reimbursements or buy their real estate outright. Quick and hassle free. We offer a range of holistic, sophisticated and objective solutions. Let's see if we can help you reclaim your funds or buy a property from you, let's get started today. 



What we do:

We at the National Appropriation Association do two things:

a) We buy real estate. Hassle free. No closing costs or other costs for you. We take care of it, you get paid. 

b) We assist you in reclaiming your outstanding funds as there could be many funds that you have not claimed. 



Let us buy your property or claim your funds
  • Old Bank accounts, stocks, CDs

  • Insurance benefits policies

  • Escrow accounts

  • Misplaced proceeds

  • Lost deposits and estate proceeds 

Recent News


  • Saftey deposit box contents

  • Unredeemed gift certificates

  • Mutual funds and trust funds

  • Mortgage insurance refunds

  • Uncashed checks

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