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Why should you work with the National Appropriations Association? 

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  • It is quick and hassle free, saving you time and effort 

  • We offer a safe process that does not cost anything up front

  • We are experts and can cut through red tape

  • We have checks and balances in place for high quality service

  • We make sure you don't miss the funds recovery window

  • We know who to contact and what is required

  • We have the ability to run status checks at every phase of our collaboration for your benefit

Claim Questions? We are happy to assist you



How do you find this money? 

We audit many different government agencies, files and documents for unclaimed funds due to citizens like yourself.

How did you find me? 

We use a wide variety of methods to locate our money recipients - internet searches, phone books, and special software created specifically for locating hard to find people. If we contacted you means that we believe that we can assist you to claiming some funds for you. 


How much is my claim for? Where are the funds being held? 

Once you have signed our contingency agreement, (download here), we will engage in detailed research to confirm your claim/claims and you will be informed within 5 business days of how much your claim is for, and where the money is being held.

Where did this money come from? 

Our company policy states that the detailed information can only be given after you work with us, sign our agreement and the detailed research has completed.  However, we can tell you that much of the time, those funds result from an accounting error/overage or unclaimed inheritance and other funds that you might never be notified of.

Is there a time limit on collecting my claim? 

Yes.  Almost always, there is a short period of time in which the funds can be collected, after which the money is turned over to the government agency holding it, for their own personal use.  If at all possible and to avoid to loose your money to the government we need to get started processing your claim as soon as possible, best today. We are servicing our clients in this matter 24/7 and are open right now, 7 days a week. 

How quickly will I receive the money? 

Once we are able to get all your paperwork signed and mailed, it can then take up to several weeks for agency to process the claim.  Once the claim is approved, we hold the check for up to 30 days to make sure there are no problems with the agency that was holding the funds, and then disburse your funds to you via overnight express mail no later then the thirty-first day after receiving them. 

Is this legal? 

Absolutely! If we find in our research that you are, in fact, the rightful owner of these funds then you have every right to claim them before they are lost to the government.  It is also absolutely legal for our company to act as your agent and deal with government agencies on your behalf, with the proper documents.

I'm afraid to sign the documents.  What should I do? 

Feel free to thoroughly review the documents we use - we make our forms available for you to see right here on our website under the "forms" tab.  Most of our documents are standard agreements prepared by the state in which your funds are being held.  Our contingency agreement is very simple and to the point - there is no confusing legal jargon, just a simple agreement about how we will split the proceeds of your claim if successful in collecting.  All documents you will need to sign pertain only to your particular claim, and don't give our company any power relating to anything else in your life.  We don't have access to any of your personal financial information, or power to make decisions on your behalf relating to anything except this claim.  All document signings will be done in the presence of a licensed notary public local to your area.  Rest assured that you are in good hands with the National Appropriations Association.

This sounds like to good to be true. How can I be sure it isn't? 

We understand that you are cautious as this is not something that comes across every day, but please know the following. There is no out of pocket expenses to you at all - ever, to process your claim. Our company works on a contingency basis and we only get paid when your claim gets paid out.  Our company is headed by experts with several years of deep industry knowledge, which only duty it is to help citizens like you to gain their unclaimed funds. Our company is in good standing with all business, legal and government agencies.  Everyone on our team has passed a thorough background check.  You can feel secure talking to any of our agents about your claim.  All documents you'll need to sign, will be signed in the presence of a licensed notary public.  Our documents are easy to read and understand - we want to make sure you're comfortable with what you're agreeing to.  We are eager to reunite you with your lost funds.  If we can do anything else to help you feel comfortable dealing with us, all you have to do is ask and we are happy to assist. 

Why should I use your company? 

Most of the assets we locate aren't available by searching the internet, and it is unlikely that without the aid of a company like ours, that you will ever be notified of their existence by the agency holding them.  Remember, it's in the government's best interest to put forth as little effort as possible to find you, because if you don't claim your money in time, they will get to keep it.  We've helped many people and businesses to collect the money due them by the government since the inception of our business.  Trust us, you're in very good hands with us. 

Can't I just look for this money on my own? 

Absolutely!  However, it is unlikely that you will be able to locate the funds yourself.  Our company maintains and continuously adds to a comprehensive list of sources of these funds.  They are almost never easily find by a casual searcher and might be very difficult to claim. 

I need to talk to my husband/wife/other family member about this. Can I wait and think about it? 

Of course.  However, most of the time there is a very short window of time left to collect your funds, and every day counts.  If at all possible, we need to get started with your claim within a day or two of making contact with you.  We've seen claims fall short of being processed by a single day - which resulted in the money being lost, permanently, to the government agency holding it.  It's heartbreaking for us to not being able to assist, and we don't want to see that happen to you.

I don't feel comfortable with this whole process. Can I have my husband/wife/son/daughter/other handle it instead?

You can absolutely have a trusted advisor or a family member call us - the only thing we will need from you is to be present at the signing of documents when at the notary public.  We need the actual claimant's signature on any claim forms and agreements, and to verify that person's identity (via a driver's license or other form of identification) before we can process a detailed search and then a claim on their behalf.


Additional Questions? Call Us: 800-319-1227

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Thank you for your assistance and superb service, could not ask for more. Whit the regained funds I will take my family to Daytona 500 this year. 

Bob M., North Carolina

I was very skeptical when a representative called me, but then I sold them my property. What a great experience as it was super easy and fast! Would do it again. 

Ishaniqua B., Kentucky

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