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What kind of funds can be


  • Old bank accounts, stocks, CDs

  • Insurance benefits policies

  • Escrow accounts

  • Misplaced proceeds

  • Lost deposits and estate proceeds 

  • Saftey deposit box contents

  • Unredeemed gift certificates

  • Mutual funds and trust funds

  • Mortgage Insurance refunds

  • Uncashed checks



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The National Appropriations Association sent me a letter that they want to buy my property. I moved to an other state 2 years ago and so it was great that they approached me. Great service that I can highly recommend to anyone, it went extremely easy and I had a check in my hands. Alex was super helpful. 

Xavier C., Louisiana

I highly recommend the National Appropriations Association. They helped me in regaining funds that I didn't know about. Check came in mail 3 weeks later. Great folks and very easy to work with. Highly Reccomended!

John B., Florida