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Looking to SELL your property or reclaim your FUNDS?


Why should you work with the National Appropriations Association? 

Submit your application form today!


  • It is quick and hassle free, saving you time and effort 

  • We offer a safe process that does not cost anything 

  • We are experts and can cut through red tape

  • We have checks and balances in place for high quality service

  • We know who to contact and what is required

  • We have the ability to run status checks at every phase of our collaboration for your benefit

5 Points how we do business, all starts with our values:



We respect you—your time, your privacy and your trust. We’ll be honest with you. We’ll try to make it easy to collaborate with us efficiently, when it’s convenient for you. And your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Our technology, processes and people ensure your information is safe and secure.



Doing business can seem complicated but we make it as simple as possible for you. We let you known the process, we give you updates and we tell you exactly what need to complete the process. There is no out of pocket expenses to you at all - ever. 



Our vision of a smooth experience in buying your property or reclaiming you funds required advanced processes, so we generated them. It’s what enables us to provide the speed, convenience and accuracy at no upfront cost for you.



Your reclaiming or selling experience is our product and we are committed to its quality. The key to a smooth reclaiming process is accuracy. Every step of our process is designed to prevent and eliminate errors. We have balances and checks on every step to ensure your things are done right.



Technology seems to be a part of everything we do these days. But we think when buying property or reclaiming funds you just want to talk to a real person. Give us a call. You’ll get an expert to assist you, not a prompt to press a key. We are trained and committed to making your experience a great one.


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Thank you for your assistance and superb service, could not ask for more. Whit the regained funds I will take my family to Daytona 500 this year. 

Bob M., North Carolina

I was very skeptical when a representative called me, but after giving it a try they where able to locate funds that I was not aware of. 

Ishaniqua B., California

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