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About Us

Why choose our services

Since 2013 we at the National Appropriations Association buy real estate and assist US citizens to claim their funds. We are backed by years of professional experience and have a team of experts to help guide you through the processes necessary to achieve a quick, reliable and easy fund recovery.  

We at the National Appropriations Association are proud to provide custom-designed solutions necessary to meet the unique circumstances in order to satisfy our customer. We thank you for your trust and it is our obligation to deliver for you. Please visit our Testimonial Page and see for your self.  

Our Promise


  • We are very confident in your success, therefore we offer a safe process that will never cost you anything. 

  • By doing many transactions over and over we can cut through red tape. 

  • We will make sure you don't miss the funds recovery window, we know who to contact and what is required to talk to the various authorities. 

  • Since our start we operate under the highest safety standard possible to protect your privacy, without passing any costs on to you, ever.  

  • Most purchases are always processed within maximum one week - often much sooner. 

  • Please view our many positive testimonials in our Success Stories section or ask us any additional question, we are here for you 24/7.

This is why you should choose us!

Industry Awards, Accreditations and Process: 


  • We are the only firm in our Industry that is part of the National Notary Association, the Leading US Notary Governing Authority. We believe and follow their strict, ethical guidelines. 

  • Our firm works on a contingency basis - meaning there are no out of pocket expenses to you, AT ALL, EVER.

  • We pay for all expenses to work you, from the expense to have documents notarized, to any government fees associated, to any mailing or other clerical expenses necessary.

  • Since 2015 we have optimized our tools to have above industry standards checks and balances in place for high-quality client service

  • After meeting with you, the notary will overnight express mail all the documents to our office, and we will begin processing our work within 48 business hours (usually the same day we receive the documents). 

  • A check will be hand over at the Notary or sent to you via overnight

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