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Ready to sell your property or get a REFUND?


Fill out the Form to submit an Offer online. Our service experts will contact you to discuss a sale or claim.

What kind of funds can be


  • Old bank accounts, stocks, CDs

  • Insurance benefits policies

  • Escrow accounts

  • Misplaced proceeds

  • Lost deposits and estate proceeds 

  • Saftey deposit box contents

  • Unredeemed gift certificates

  • Mutual funds and trust funds

  • Mortgage Insurance refunds

  • Uncashed checks



3 Easy steps to sell your property or reclaim your funds

Pricing - No Cost to You, No Hidden Fees

Real Estate purchases:  You as the seller will never have any cost with us. The transaction is for your quick and hassle free. We take care of all the paper work associated with the sale. We will pay all of the associated costs of completing this transaction including back taxes within reason as well as title and escrow fees if we choose to complete the transaction in this manner.  The price we agree upon is the amount of the cashier’s check you will receive.


Assisting you with your claim: Our Claims fees are the most competitve in the market and are individually based on the total value of the funds that we are able to recover on your behalf. We do not ask nor do we require any money upfront and there are no hidden costs or fees. We only get paid once we recover your funds. All is agreed upfront in our Contingency Agreement (download here)We are dedicated to protecting our clients privacy and any personal information that is provided to us. If we have contacted you, you have already pre-qualified and we believe you have unclaimed funds that we can recover for you. Let's get started today. 

We Start the Work;

we need Purchase Agreement or Power of Attorney

We work for you;

Prepare real estate closing documents or start Claim Funds

You sold your property and Receive Funds;


After contacting us or receiving a letter, our experts will discuss the process with you. For a sale we need the signed purchase agreement back so that we can start our work. There are no costs to you. The price we agree upon is the amount of the cashier’s check you will receive.

To claim your funds with us we will send a Contingency Agreement and Power of Attorney (download here) that will guarantee you our service with no upfront fees and allow us to work on your claim. A professional Notary Public will guide you to the process, it usually takes less then 10 min and is at no cost to you.



We will begin to draft the closing documents when buying from you real estate our start searching to find your unclaimed funds or work to claim already prior identified funds for you.

This will take in many cases less then 24 hours. We will provide you with regular updates on our process. We are dedicated to protecting your privacy and any information you provide to us. 

Congrats, we are close. 


Congratulations! You, as many others, have now successfully sold a property or reclaimed your outstanding funds.


For sale: You receive right away the sales prices, with us paying all the closing and notary costs. We guarantee that you receive our offer price in full with never paying any additional costs. In most instances the whole process will take no longer then 2 weeks. 


For claims: It can take up to 90 days until we actually receive your funds, but most cases will be claimed in 45 days. ​We deduct our prior agreed service fee and costs and you will receive a nice check in the mail. Thank you for working with us and enjoy your regained funds and freedom!  





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The National Appropriations Association team gave me a call and explained that the State owed me money. They helped me to get my money. Great service that I can highly recommend to anyone. We pay too much in taxes anyways so why not reclaim some of our hard earned money. Super helpful. 

Xavier C., Louisiana

I highly recommend the National Appropriations Association. They purchased a piece of land that I had no use for. Within 2 weeks I had my money in hand. Great folks and very easy to work with. Highly Reccomended!

Jeff T., Florida

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